Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction / Steam Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction is the preferred cleaning method of the Carpet Mills and will be prescribed as the method used in Warranty work.


Sidison uses a 6 Step Hot Water Extraction process:
Step 1: Protect your home and property from damage.
Step 2: Vacuum all areas to be cleaned. this will remove 75% off all dirt and debris.
Step 3: Pre-spray with the highest quality and predetermined detergents to beak down dirt and stains.
Step 4: Agitate with a rotary scrubber / RX20 (or similar) extractor.
Step 5: Extract hot water with a neutralizing Acid Rinse.
Step 6: Protect with high-quality protectant and brush in.

This process has been proven over and over again to be the deepest clean and this is what you should expect from your carpet cleaning company! Nobody wants a partial clean!

Sidison also sprays a protectant on all carpets. We apply protectant because as your carpet cleaning company, this will help us maintain and protect your carpets in between cleanings. Visit our Protectant page for more information.

Carpet Encapsulation

Encapsulation is a chemical process that crystallizes around the dirt, and releases it from the carpet. This is a great low moisture and quick dry technique that will keep cleaning the next few times you vacuum.
It is our feeling at Sidison, that this process is a great maintenance technique that works better on specific carpets and rugs. Results vary dependent on carpet. It also needs to be done at more regular intervals.

Sidison uses a 5 step process in Encapsulation:
Step 1: Protect home and property from damage.
Step 2: Vacuum all areas to be cleaned this will remove 75% off all dirt and debris.
Step 3: Pre-treat spots.
Step 4: Apply Encapsulant and use rotary floor scrubber to aggitate and remove dirt.
Step 5: Protect with high quality protectant and brush in.

The next few times the homeowner vacuums more of the crystallizes remnants will be removed.


Spot Treatments

For spot treatments in the interim of cleanings Sidison suggest Sidison Stain Remover and Sidison Urine Spotter. This product is a spray, blot with towels and leave (meaning you do not need to rinse or extract). For product info and ordering please call us at (941) 518-6853.