Hardfloor Cleaning

Hard floors vary not only in material but maintenance. What does not change is the care we take in our cleaning processes.

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Marble and Travertine are beautiful and natural stones that require care and attention, these stones are soft by nature and can incur damage easily. When you maintain Marble and Travertine use stone safe products, acidic cleaners like bleach can damage the stone beyond repair. We use a high alkaline cleaner and high water pressure with extraction to remove dirt and spots.

To polish Marble and Travertine we use a diamond pad system which works like sand paper. We start with a heavy grit and increase to the desired sheen, ie: satin or high gloss. A seal is then recommended to help maintain the stone from everyday debris or spills.

Terrazo is a great flooring but depending on how it had been treated prior will determine cleaning method. Some stains will not budge and an Estimate/ Consultation should be first rule of thumb.

VCT is an amazingly durable flooring and as long as it is not broken can usually be brought back to a high shine and good look.

When maintaining your hard floors using a Neutral Cleaner is always our suggestion. We suggest the Sidison Neutral Floor Cleaner which you can purchase exclusively through us.