Tile and Grout Cleaning

It is our feeling at Sidison that high water pressure and extraction is the only way to properly clean grout.


The use of proper chemicals, spot treatment and the use of a scrub brush is necessary but if we don't wash out and extract the dirt, it will fall back into the porous grout.
Tile being non porous is generally easier to clean unless you use a chemical cleaner/mop that leaves a detergent residue. The detergent attracts dirt and hardens getting into textured tiles nook and crannies.



Sidison uses a 5 step process in Tile / Grout Cleaning:
Step 1: Protect home and property from damage.
Step 2: Dry mop and remove topical dirt and debris.
Step 3: Spray prescribed chemical Alkaline/Acid and allow 15 minute dwell time.
Step 4: Use high water pressure and extract (water is contained by equips).
Step 5: Fresh water mop and dry if Sealing (go to Protectant Tab for info on Sealing).

To maintain your floor after your high pressure cleaning, Sidison suggest using a Neutral Floor Cleaner. If you Seal your grout do not clean with anything but a Neutral Floor Cleaner. Cleaning chemicals that are not neutral will deteriorate the Seal and minimize its life. Sidison uses and suggest Sidison Nuetral Floor Cleaner. For more info or to order please give us a call at (941) 357-4455.