Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery is of every shape, size and material. So the cleaning processes will vary. But here is Sidison's standard cleaning practice:

Step 1: Protect Home
Step 2: Vacuum entire piece to remove dirt, debris and hair
Step 2: Treat spots.
Step 3: Use prescribed chemical treatment.
Step 4: Aggitate using a hand bonnet.
Step 5: Hot Water Extraction for stained areas.

A protectant is always suggested on upholstery not only for stain blocking but also for fiber damage from constant wear. Visit our Protectant page for more information.

Some materials are sensitive to water and will have prescribed chemicals for their cleaning. This will change the processes. However, Step 2 will never change. The vacuum is our most important tool with upholstery.

Sidison is providing top quality upholstery cleaning to residents and businesses in the wider Venice FL area (Sarasota, Charlotte and Manatee County). Contact us for more information and to schedule your upholstery cleaning now.